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Welcome to my English tutorial. Here you will find lots of useful resources which will hopefully help you improve your English and learn a lot of cool stuff about history, literature, political systems and culture of various English-speaking countries focusing specifically on the USA and Great Britain. It has been created from my passion for the language which I have been speaking with my beloved Grandpa and Dad, ever since I was bornsmile It is also meant for a kind of preparation for the Primary School English Language Olympiad.

When I was in the 7th grade I got the Finalist Title with a very decent result of 77% (after rebuttal) taking into account that the test was real difficult as compared to all other ones held in different parts of Poland at the time. I just missed the highest Laureate Title by mere 3%. Tough luck! cry Well, I gave it a shot one more time as an 8th grader and... I finally made it scoring 87% which secured a very honorable 2nd place for me (out of 7.803 participants!!!) in the whole province of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, and naturally the highest and long-awaited Laureate Title !!! cool Thank you all for having kept your fingers crossed for me! smile

Please check out my English Language Achievements (Hall of Fame) !!!

Anyway, I am sure that this site will give you a boost language-wise as it has done for me. Have fun then, and... good luck! cool