A chess opening is a beginning of the game of chess when both players start developing their pieces. There are many different opening systems. Some chess openings are rather quiet whereas others are quite aggressive. Chess openings can be divided into a few categories:

Starting position

  • Open games: 1.e4 e5
  • Semi-open games: 1.e4, Black plays other than 1...e5
  • Closed games: 1.d4 d5
  • Indian defenses: 1.d4 Nf6
  • Other Black responses to 1.d4
  • Flank openings (including English, Réti, Bird's, and White fianchettos)
  • Unusual first moves for White

It depends on your preference and personal character which opening you choose to play. Here, I present a few of my favorite chess openings. As you may see, I am a pretty aggressive chess player so you better watch out when you get to play me in a tournament! ;)