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Recently, I have installed GTA V on my brand spanking new Dell PC box. Here are the specs:

Intel Xeon W 2245 4,5 GHz Processor (16 logical cores)

RAM 128 GB

Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 8 GB VRAM GPU

SSD System Drive 512 GB  PCIe NVMe

SSD Drive    4 TB

HDD Drive 14 TB

HDD Drive   4 TB

Windows 10 64-bit OS

Unfortunately, I had to install it on a virtual machine (VM). However, it runs pretty smoothly anyway. Here are the specs of the VM:

Intel Xeon W 2245 4,5 GHz Processor (8 logical cores)



SSD System Drive 200 GB

SSD Drive 60 GB

Windows 10 64-bit OS 

I have about 45 - 50 FPS while playing, though at some locations on the map there are lag spikes and FPS drops down to like 25. When I turned the settings down to 720p, the game ran a bit better. But anyway I am very happy with how it performs, in general. If you're curious what settings I'm playing on, please find a few most critical ones below.

GTA Settings

Note: The FPS and quality of the videos are a bit worse than upon recording. The software i used for rendering to MP4 format could make it only up to 30 FPS . As for the benchmark, the FPS was better by 15 - 20 with no recording on.

GTA V Benchmark

GTA V Bureau Raid

When I was done setting everything up, I tried beating story mode, and it was a ton of fun. Here is a video of me doing the mission "The Buerau Raid". Hope you enjoy it! laughing